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Pip 1043 review success & MH Mobility 1 year 4 months ago #249380

If posted this before apologies.....tried to see if i had posted it before, as i cant remember,

Anyway big thanks to Gordon, Bis, all the mods, wonderful sensible people you can trust. my Pip was renewed after a 1043 review March 2020 and short out the blue telephone call, Monday morning 2 weeks ago

The lady from DWP was very polite, patience and professional, started by telling me her name i had a mini meltdown she was really good, and said if i answered/clarified a point as i had indicated NO Change but had gone on to say i still need help, she asked if it was the same if and would make her decision without need for F2F, .as good as her word a few days later received DWP award for 4 more years taking me to retirement. So Both DL (HR) , Mob (LR) as i had before both on MH grounds. so yes Mobility can be awarded on MH grounds, i would be curious to know if anyone receives Mobility Enhanced Rate for MH?

I looked at the B&W guides again, and in every section said NO CHANGE, but gave a lengthy description how it effects and help need. as if applying for the first time. I did have difference Psychiatrist reports and a letter from my support worker
IMO its important to give as much info reports etc think about submitting anything detrimental,

Again thanks to all for clear logical helpful advice/guides which focus one on salient important points. etc blah.

Pip 1043 review success & MH Mobility 1 year 4 months ago #249386

Hi Clearwater

Delighted to hear your good news. Many congratulations. Glad you found the guides so useful.

I know of several people who have been awarded mobility on mental health grounds.


Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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