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Blue badge for hidden disability 1 month 2 weeks ago #250898

Hi I’m after a bit off advice please

I’m on pip I called regarding Blue date because I had 10 points , since my renewal I’ve been awarded high for both last time I was high daily living and standard for mobility, I re applied for my Blue Badge I have hidden disability, and I paid my fee and had the money returned , I called and spoke to lovely young man , who apologised said yes your entitled and he would pass it on to admin team ,

I then had a dreadful call from a right job worth ... and after about him talking giving me reason ps that yes I have 12 points but the way it’s written on my pip accessment It was not in the right category and had to be (E ) I was none the wiser .. we got cut off .

I recalled I & this time spoke to a lady who requested every part off my pip form ( I had some private condition’s that I didn’t want to share with everyone and there dog ) she said she would look through paperwork and decided..

Today she calls Says reading the information that nope it’s a no go . and wants extra information from my doctor and psychiatrist, also again it will be decided if I’m allowed one .

Can you advise if this is correct , I had no bother last time ...I was on standard , just seems crazy that I can get a disability car but can’t get a Blue badge .

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Blue badge for hidden disability 1 month 2 weeks ago #250908


Whilst automatic qualification for a Blue Badge is points based in regard to the Moving Around activity this is not the case for Going Out, you need to be unable to undertake a journey, Unfortunately, if you have been assessed as being unable to follow a route to a familiar place (as you have) then you must be able to undertake a journey, so they are correct that you do not automatically qualify.

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