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PIP Good News Finally 1 year 3 months ago #250928

I just wanted to come on and say thank you for the guides (again for the 3rd PIP renewal). She has Asperger's, PTSD and an Eating Disorder and has been getting Higher Care/Lower Mobility since DLA in the early 00s, not always without a fight.

The renewal for my wife's PIP came through for us to complete over Christmas and New Year (thank you DWP for that Christmas present!). They got it back in early January and we were heading for a face to face in April, COVID happened and that got cancelled.

A telephone interview was arranged for June and it appeared to go OK but the interviewer kept correcting both my wife and I went we said that something was due to her conditions and replacing all of them with "anxiety" - made no sense at the time but when i saw the medical report i was concerned. It read like the only problem my wife had was anxiety and we had never even mentioned it!

The result came through in July for Higher Care and No mobility, now this has happened previously and at the time my wife did not feel able to challenge it so we didn't. However the court cases not long afterwards meant that the DWP looked at it again and we got a big back pay award. This time she was furious with the telephone medical and wanted to challenge it. So we wrote a MR letter based on the incorrect diagnosis from the telephone interview and also pointed out that the DWP had already decided she was entitled to some mobility based on those court cases.

Well, on Friday of last week an extra payment was made and then this week we received the paperwork. Lower mobility re-instated :)
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PIP Good News Finally 1 year 2 months ago #250937

Hi dchbrown

So glad to hear your good news and that your wife's mobility has been reinstated. It must be a relief to you both.



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