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Re:change of circumstances 10 years 10 months ago #18273


The DWP have in the past attempted to prosecute someone who hadn't declared that he was a company director even though the company wasn't trading and he derived no income from it. As far as I can recall they failed to get a conviction on that occassion, but they did try and it must have been an extremely unpleasant process for the claimant.

The only safe coure of action is to tell the DWP and, where relevant, the local authority and HMRC about any change that you are aware may affect your benefits, even if you don't think they do. If you do it in writing and keep a record then you don't have to worry about incompetent or unpleasant investigations in the future.


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Re:change of circumstances 10 years 10 months ago #18280

  • helchis
Is that because they thought he was working. I have rung them to tell them i moved in with partner and the change of address. I told the dwp when i started claiming child tax credits with my partner. The one time i did write to them my mum wrote to tell them that because of my health she was becoming my appointee. She sent that recorded delivery and phoned to check they received which they said they had and that was fine. They then started sending any letters to my mums house as we asked. Then this year i received a letter at my home address. My phoned and said that all letters should go to her. They said then that they had no recorded of that and we explained that they had before. They just said write in again so it seems like when you write in and sometimes doesn't matter

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