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TOPIC: Aspurger's Syndrome

Aspurger's Syndrome 8 years 5 months ago #35625

I have Aspurger's Syndrome, it was diagnosed by a
Professor of Developmental Psychopathology and I've had MRI scans. It affects me a lot becuase I can't interact with people at all and I am reclusive. I also suffer Post traumatic stress disorder relating to chronic isolation while at university which effectively dehumanised me. I suffer wretching and vomitting with acute anxiety that the aspurger's makes worse becuase I don't understand people's cues and I suffer more anxiety and so I just want to avoid everything and not go out. I don't function at all and live with my parents. My PTSD causes me to suffer rages and anger but I am aware of it and I keep inside so nothing is really consequential for me at the moment, I can manage in isolation but these new changes terrify me becuase I got that I was managing as I am but all these changes are going to make it impossible for me. I have two PhD degrees and so I don't want to undergo retraining. I can't deal with anymore education anyway. Can anyone tell me whether I am likely to just get my benefits stopped? What I fear is being pushed to deal with things that I can't.

Re:Aspurger's Syndrome 8 years 5 months ago #35627


It sounds like you have a lot to deal with, which benfits are you currently receiving?


Re:Aspurger's Syndrome 8 years 5 months ago #35630

Well I am accustomed to life being hell on a personal level. I could deal with it while I was getting grants and working alone on higher degrees but once I ran out of access to money to pay for higher degrees, I ran out of any possibility.
I claim incapacity at the moment, that is all. I have been claiming it for a few years but I just cannot deal any longer with interactional forms at all. What I read on the site tonight, on the email, is frightening because I can't go through going to places and dealing with people and retraining. Up until now, I've been left alone on Incapacity which is good because I cannot cope with things. Last time I had to see a DSS doctor I was sick in the room at the medical examination. It makes it worse for me to go places and then it makes my PTSD worse and I become agitated and I seem like I am aggressive because I am so strained with having to cope with more assessments. I suffer acute terror over assessments because I had to come top on my degree in order to go on to my higher degrees, which I did and I did not complain then, but in the end I just never survived that process of competition and now I just suffer PTSD and Agoraphobia. I avoid people constantly as it is because situations occur if I am around people. So it has been manageable for me up until now but these new regulations which are so regulated just compound the basis of my problems.

Re:Aspurger's Syndrome 8 years 5 months ago #35640


I think the first thing to say is, ignore most of what you have read today about the Universal Benefit. All that we had today was the publication of the White Paper, it still has to make it throught the House of Commons, and it is not expected to be implemented until October 2013, and even then it will only be for new claimants. :)

So with regard to your Incapacity Benefit, do you know when it is due to renew and how many points you scored last time?


Re:Aspurger's Syndrome 8 years 5 months ago #35644

I have been living in such fear this last two years that I dread seeing the post man. I honestly do not know when my case is due for review, nor do I know how many points I scored last time. I feel ill almost all of the time with it all. It is so hard to mediate anything correctly when you caught outside of everything. I don't seek diagnoses for PTSD or Agrophobia becuase I can manage as I am and when I call up my local GP it is impossible to talk to anyone. They used to be able to send out a psychiatric nurse to evaluate you fifteen years ago but that is no longer available. So the GPs can't diagnose these type of problems, like for instance, Aspurger's which required an MRI scan and series of interviews with a professor of Developmental Psychopathology. I have terrible personal problems that I can manage with my benefits but it's impossible to face this regulation. I just live in fear and I try not to focus on things that cause me terror, like the benefits review. The last time I had a review I was sick for days and when the letter came I was wretching with fear and once I knew I was ok and they had not stopped my benefit I just threw it away and tried to relax as far as I can. So I don't know how many points I got or anything like that. You get that you are so incapacitated by exhausting details of just trying to deal with things you can't manage well anyway. So I don't know when I have to go to review again. Aspurger's is hereditory anyway. My fear from what I have read is that the new tests do not allow for complex psychopathological forms so I fear having my benefit stopped and then me just not being able to cope with the new benefit system. The old system people used to know you from childhood like your doctors, then they took the GPs out of it so you had to see DSS doctors. It all undermines any kind of local personal knowledge about someone.

Re:Aspurger's Syndrome 8 years 5 months ago #35647


It is difficult to know what to say to calm your concerns.

I would suggest you have a look in the Members section at the Incapacity and Employment Support Allowance sections. There are documents in there that will explain how the assessments are done and the best way to complete the forms.

We regularly have people reporting success at claiming benefits, there was one in the last hour, have a look at the following.


I think the most important thing you can do is understand what might happen with regard to your benefit so that you can be in control of the process.

In the short term, try not to worry about it, I am sure it is more easily said than done, but I think if you look at all the things you could be doing, then worring about this should be low on the list.

Hope this helps

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