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TOPIC: Good News DLA Tribunal

Good News DLA Tribunal 9 years 6 months ago #36925

  • howdarethey
Good News had a tribunal on Thursday for DLA. Not the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon but it was worth it as I managed to get my care DLA increased to middle rate.

I have ME/CFS which I’ve had for 17 years. Until 18 months ago I managed to run a small business, taking time off each time I had a relapse which was on average every 4-6 months. I wasn’t always easy but we managed.

However eighteen months ago, I suffered the worst relapse I’ve ever had. This was accompanied by a severe depression which I’d never experienced before. It was so bad I had to close the business and I entered the world of benefits.

It was lamb to the slaughter time. We completed forms with no real regard to their implications never considering that they were designed to produce answers that would limit the benefits we would receive. Result we have had to fight for everything.

The one saving grace was finding this site and the information it contains. Using this information I managed to score 24 points at an ESA medical which was conducted by a Polish doctor who hardly spoke English.

We also managed to turn around a denial of DLA to the provision of the lowest rate for both care and mobility.

Then on Thursday after a waiting period of 15 months I attended the tribunal.
It wasn’t easy but no matter what questions were aimed at me or suggestions were made I stuck to my guns and told the three members of the tribunal the way it is.

Before going I’d made up my mind that I would show them the real situation warts and all. Rather than gloss over the bad parts which I tend to do when people ask how I am. It was embarrassing at times and degrading, but necessary.

Result they have increased my care allowance to the middle rate. Not a fortune but a move in the right direction.

One interesting fact was they would only consider my situation as of the day I completed the first DLA form ( without the information on this site) even though it was accepted that my condition had worsened in the 15 months it had taken to get before the tribunal.

The suggestion was made that if I was completing the form today I may be entitled to higher rate. So I’m considering starting the process all over again . But this time with a knowledge of what to say and what to expect.

Finally I’d just like to say a big thank you for all the info and to say to others who are waiting for tribunals don’t give up.

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Re:Good News DLA Tribunal 9 years 6 months ago #36926

Hi howdarethey

Congratulations on your ESA and DLA success, and for handling the tribunal so well. Thanks for sharing this encouraging news with us.

Good luck with your new DLA claim if you choose to go ahead with it.


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Re:Good News DLA Tribunal 9 years 6 months ago #37336

Thats great news, but all so typical of what we have to go through if we have ME. I too am struggling to get the benefits I deserve.Is there one point that gave you the middle rate careout of interest?

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Re:Good News DLA Tribunal 9 years 6 months ago #37351

thats great i am really pleases for you. I have been trying to get DLA for the past two years. I have Fibromyalgia (Irritable Bowel and Bladder) which is very similar to CFS/ME. Along with that i have both Thoracic and Lumbar Arthritis (Sciatica adn Back pain), Menieres Disease (Vertigo and tinnitus), Asthma, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and suffer from Depression. AS you can imagine Fibromyalgia alone is very hard to live with but with the cumulative effects of all my illnesses is overwhelming. I have been turned down again for DLA after having a doctor come to my home. I am waiting to read the report as i have no way of knowning what is wrote in this report. Was wondering if you had any tips for me, i know the decision is unfair as every couple of months i too take bad relapses that are accompanied with chronic rib pain leaving me virtually unable to breath with the pain. I cannot understand why i am being turned down each time for DLA. again congratulations on winning yours, its always nice to read someone gets recognised for the pain they have to suffer!!!

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Re:Good News DLA Tribunal 9 years 6 months ago #37402

  • howdarethey
I got the middle rate as it was accepted that I needed help both in the day and at night as the depression/ ME and the side effects of the medication I'm on produces very poor short term memory problems plus leg cramps at night. Both of which means I need help.

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Re:Good News DLA Tribunal 9 years 6 months ago #37435

  • Sassy
Congratulations from a fellow ME/CFS sufferer!

I haven't had this awful illness as long as you, only 4 years but I have a similar story, was able to work part time with relapses that would last 4-6 weeks and then in August 2009 I had this relapse which was the worst ever, and one I have never recovered from and I'm still deteriorating.

I applied in January and was turned down with no medical and my appeal was last week and I won and was awarded High Rate Mobility and Low Rate Care for 2 years (which almost half has been swallowed up with the delay). I was hoping for Middle Care but I'm not going to rock the boat any more as like you, I found the process very stressful and demeaning

Congratulations again and I hope you can relax and unwind from the ordeal and your increased award will aid your life in positive ways!

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