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TOPIC: Worried stupid Medical >>>>>> Resluts

Worried stupid Medical >>>>>> Resluts 8 years 6 months ago #39143

Results use the word loosly... i got this letter saturday and it just said that i will no longer get any mobilty but i will get lower care this is not what i am on at the moment and i must say from what they are saying thay really have not read my renewal from correctly if at all proberly.
It also says said that i am not at risk of falling i even went to the trouble of telling them details of the last 3 falls i had at time of filling this form in. i am really not very impressed with this medical services doctor at all being that he also did somthing at the time i thought strange that was take my BP and do my reflexes and
Anyway the point is yet again i/we/us am having to wait even longer i was told today it can take upto another 11 to 13 weeks this i really dont think i can take with the worry of knowing if i can like all of you out there that suffer worse when its so so very cold pay for the gas i`m using to to keep warm even using a lovely warm slankett during the day to save money i`m that worried if in 3 months time i going to have the cash to pay for the gas bill.
Well i have made the long call to the DWP number and aksed them what to do now this took over 30 mins for her to ask me what i did not agree with i told her what she read it back to me it sort of sounded ok but i think i must have to add more everdance what i did no but i will have to sorto f try and work out
My illness is somthing i know there is a lot of here that is fibromyalgia and serve feet problems also
This i have had for nearly 10 years now and it seems to get worse just lately
also i am wondering if the fact that my doctor is not even in the UK at the moment and have only 4 weeks to get everything in to them. please can anyone tell me what iam ment to tell them.

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