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ESA Medical Assessment 9 years 5 months ago #43193

  • bubble
Hi All,

wondering if anyone can help me....Im getting very stressed and anxious about this medical....

I have bipolar and I put lots of supporting evidence in with my claim (including letter from my cpn; copies of repeat prescription; proof of appt's with psychiatrist;supporting statement about my condition) however I still have to attend a medical. Well theres no surprise there then. So I cant work at the moment, and whilst I am getting better I need approx 6 months help so I can get stable and in a position where I could work again. Work impacts of my mental health at the moment. Plus I get sedation from my medication and often get confused cant concentrate etc. Mental health team have told me that I cant work at the moment. Plus I am going through an another more serious diagnosis with my psychiatrist at the moment. Im not sure how to tell them this, because obviously unless I get a ltr from my psychiatrist my diagnosis is bipolar at the moment.

My question is Ive got an advocate to go along with me for this medical however what do I say ' when they ask me do you want to go back to work?' Do I say yes when Im stable in 6 months or I dont know when I will be fit for work ? I cannot function at the moment so it I am unsure when I will return to work however I am very keen to return to work in the the future.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, will they ask me when my last job finished and why ? and my answer would be sept 09 and I handed in my notice due to my ill health. Does that suffice ???

Also, Im having problems applying the following to my situation in words.....the fact that if I would have to go onto job seekers it would put myself at risk....suicidal etc If I have to get up quickly to go to work I have blurred vision in the morning, often groggy and confused rather than being able to pace myself. I fizz up at anything stressful, completely go off the wall shout and scream and take it out of others around me, get agressive etc. Work is not an option for me at the moment full stop.

If they ask me the question would I like to go back to work ? I shall say no. Because it would make my condition worse at the moment.

And also a question they may ask as Ive read from one of the benefits and work guides - what do you do all day ???

My answer would be...I socialize on forums most of the time...that is how I socialize.....my mum takes me out swimming sometimes, I go with my mum to see family and I accompany my mum to the supermarket. Basically, I dont go out that much alone and when I do it is when Im feeling much better.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re:ESA Medical Assessment 9 years 5 months ago #43202

Hi bubble,

Whilst we can give information about the kinds of questions you're likely to be asked at a medical I'm afraid we can't tell you what you should answer.

All we can say is that you should give the most accurate and detailed answer that you are able to.

Good luck,


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Re:ESA Medical Assessment 9 years 5 months ago #43205

  • bubble
It is good that Im taking an advocate with me though I guess. At least Im doing that right :)

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