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Re:Here goes Appeal Day 9 years 5 months ago #44239

  • Dippypud
DepressedDerek wrote:

Hi Zelda

I've just looked at the Tribunals Service appeal leaflet. Unfortunately it states that they don't reimburse appellants for obtaining medical evidence unless they themselves commission it. I think it is outrageous that they have asked you to obtain it (and pay) for their benefit.

Good luck

zjturner wrote:

The panel have adjourned the hearing after an hour or so of asking loads of questions and even seeing what my deformity looked like! So you can imagine how shocked i was when i was told that they wanted to adjourn and i should get them all my medical records since 2008!

My point would be did the panel ask you for the records or could you get the request clarified ( in writing),then get the GP to send the bill to the panel ;)
This may move the expense from yourself, who would rather this be over with, to the panel, who actually want to see it.


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Re:Here goes Appeal Day 9 years 5 months ago #44248

I don't understand why they couldn't simply take a signature from Zelda and write to the GP practice themselves like they did with me. I also think it is unlikely that my doctor's practice would have charged the tribunal for it.

One possibility would be to phone the tribunal's administration centre and tell them that you can't afford to carry out the Judge's direction, and ask if the tribunal can obtain it directly.

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