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TOPIC: ESA and DLA claims

Re:ESA and DLA claims 9 years 4 months ago #44457

  • shrimp
hi there
sorry to hear you have fibro - me too - started after c section to deliver twins 4 years ago...took ages for someone to listen to me !!...
i didnt drive for 6 months at one time as feet so painful so totally understand how you are.
i first attempt for dla pre fibro diagnosis they just said no and that was it, didnt appeal just waited for all tests to be ruled out...then applied again and again they said no you can this and that when i said i couldnt, so i asked them to review it and got high rate on both parts,when renewal came up again filled in forms and again they said no, so again i asked them to review and wrote long letter saying i could not do the things i said i couldnt and as in so much pain i wouldnt have written all the details if i didnt need too....they then gave me high rate mobility and low care, couldnt be bothered to appeal again, but got to now as partner had to give up work to look after me and 4 yr old twins as dont know whether from day to day if can walk, get out of bed etc...have morhpine patches to try but reluctant as only 40 and what happends when body used to that??..
have you got disabled parking badge? you can apply to your council for one and BY LAW they have to review it....
good luck
shrimp xx

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