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Registered for NHS not where I live. Possible? 9 years 5 months ago #44471


First time poster. *waves* Sorry for the cryptic-esque title but I had difficulty getting it to make any sense under the character limit.

I apologise in advice for the lenght of this. :pinch:

Basically I currently live in Wales and currently am registered for both benefits and the NHS at my home address, as most people do. My current claims are HB(-for-social-housing) and IB-IS, and I'm trying to get a DLA claim submitted.

On the NHS front there is a whole lot going on, or at least, in-the-works, including a string of 3 repeat surgical procedures which look like they'll take anywhere between 12 months and 3 years to get completed.

Now, I'm trying to sort out moving to the West Midlands, but am hitting a problem around the intermeshing of NHS and benefits. I'm obviously going to have to claim either HB-for-social-housing or LHA in the W.Midlands, but the majority of the advice I'm getting on the NHS front are telling me to stay registered with my current GP until this surgery malarky is all over.

Sooo, if I follow that advice I'll be registered (at least in part) for my benefits in one government district, and then registered for the NHS in another one far away. Which then raises the question as to where I register my DLA claim? (Would the system reject a claim where your doctors were not local?)

Has anyone done this before? Does anyone know if it's allowable at all? Does anyone know of a body who could likely advise me on this?

I'm feeling rather trapped and at a loss for finding anyone who could give advice. Thanks for any help.

Oh, and staying put in Wales is not an option.

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Re:Registered for NHS not where I live. Possible? 9 years 5 months ago #44496

Hi Nyu,

There is no requirement that any medical evidence be provided be from a local GP. I can't see any reason why this would present a problem.

Good luck,


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