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Thank you ALL. 4 years 9 months ago #185942

Its a bit late but thought I should share the good news, I was successful in my transfer from DLA to PIP.. I was awarded Mobility Enhanced Rate & Daily Living Standard Rate for an Ongoing period with no contact until 2027....

I had a home visit and I can honestly say I was concerned, to look at me you would assume nothing was wrong so I have in the past encountered raised eyebrow glances when they see what I am applying for.... When the assessor arrived, Male Nurse, I was prepared for the barrage of questions coming my way, I couldn't have been more surprised at how understanding the chap was... I briefly outlined my issues and finished with "I know I look okay but i'm hoping you will give me the time to explain my situation" He calmly told me that he understood my situation and had reviewed all the information from my doctors/specialists regarding my spinal operations etc and future outlook, he said I am not here for you to prove you have health issues but to see how much help you need.... The hole process went smoothly and he left...

When the envelope arrived I was extremely apprehensive about opening it, it was about to tell me if I could continue to get out and about using my much needed car..... I was successful !!! but more importantly for anyone about to go through this process, The report about me and what we discussed at the home visit was accurate, he didn't ignore anything id said and he honestly reported the information back to the person making the award decision.....

I was completely honest about my situation, I explained, as B&W's guide tells you to about my daily life and how my disability/medication etc affects me.....

All I can say is THANKYOU to Gordon, Mrs Hurtyback and the rest of the forum...

I know my health issues are genuine as do the medical professionals who look after me but when this claim was due in I was worried after reading all the news in the press and online, tv stories etc that I would not get the help with the car that I need to allow me some sort of life outside my four walls... Your site helped me to clearly understand what was needed of me, the information to provide and the best was to present it.... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.....

Thank you ALL. 4 years 9 months ago #186015

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Many congratulations on the award. Well done.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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