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DLA to PIP success - eventually 4 years 9 months ago #187824

Thank you to B&W for the helpful advice documents. I would reinforce what others have written, if at first you don't succeed do not give up be persistent. I went from DLA Higher rate for care and Mobility to PIP 0 and 4 pints, this after having a joke of a Face to Face interview. On requesting reconsideration I have been awarded Standard Care for 11 points and Enhanced Mobility for 12 points. A word of caution - In the How your disability affects you information booklet it states 'The supporting evidence you send doesn't need to be recent'. I made the mistake of believing this and initially used documents from 3 years ago when I had my last DLA award. These gave comprehensive details of the difficulties I had and, as my conditions have not improved, believed they would be accepted as current. I must add that I also included reports of my regular appointments with the Consultant Rheumatologist but of course these were only brief notes on matters discussed at the appointment as they do not have time to repeat things previously reported on. Furthermore, do not believe that Capita etc will bother to seek clarification from any supporting personnel because this comes at a cost to them. I strongly suggest that you ensure you get current and comprehensive reports from all of the agencies/medical practioners who support you, even if they make a small charge for doing so. It is worth it in the long run as it saves a lot of time and much stress. I would also reinforce the advice provided by B&W, include precise and as much information on the difficulties you have, irrespective of whether you are repeating the same or similar comments on each page of your application form. Also, if you are like me and find that you are intolerant to the modern 'en vogue' medications and have to rely on 'standard' (DWP's description not mine) pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication include information on how you are affected and do not just state you are intolerant,
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DLA to PIP success - eventually 4 years 9 months ago #187860


Well done on the award and thank you for posting about your claim.


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