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DLA to PIP sucsess 4 years 8 months ago #188394

I had the dreaded letter but filled all the forms in as per help from B&W then held my breath.
Got called in for a face to face and was terrified .
Few weeks later came the Brown envelope which was not as bad as I expected and had been done on correspondence sent some of which was six years old and the answers I gave - I had listed 8 consultants and they did not contact one of them or my GP.
I had gone from middle care and full mobility indefinite to middle care and lower mobility for 6 years but I decided to ask for reconsideration as I felt they had got part of the daily care wrong they had given me 10 points but I asked for 15.
I sen the reconsideration request by recorded delivery but they just filed it until I rang and asked what was happening.
I only got 2 of the 5 extra points I asked for but this was enough to go up to higher care.
Overall a happy result and without B&W it would not have happened.
Thanks for your service

DLA to PIP sucsess 4 years 8 months ago #188451

  • Gordon
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Very pleased for you, well done.


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