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PIP Success 4 years 8 months ago #189090

Finally my son received his PIP decision today after attending a f2f in March. He has awarded 8 points (from13) for Daily Living and 12 points for Mobility.
Thank you guys for all the help on this forum its been a tremendous help.
My questions this time are
1) He lost 1 point on Managing Therapy.
The DWP said "The mental health examination showed you have good cognition, intellect and memory and you were observed to hold a water bottle and drink from it repeatedly showing good pinch and power grip to your hands"
We included on his PIP reassessment form that he used a pill box and mentioned at the assessment that he also used a reminder on is phone as well as me reminding him to take his medication.
2) Budgeting decisions. DWP said "that evidence suggest you can use internet banking and you completed the questionnaire yourself, there is no evidence of cognitive, intellectual or memory impairment"
We did not say on the form that my son had completed the form himself, in fact I did that for him. We also included on the PIP reassessment form that my son has difficulty budgeting and that all his money is paid into my account so that I can pay his bills and transfer an amount each week for his personal spending. He has had debt problems in the past, that's why I manage his bills.
My son phoned the DWP today and asked if they could explain further but was told that they would log it and he should write in.
My question is if I just write a letter pointing out the two areas I think they should look at again are they likely to look at the whole PIP form again. We are not considering putting in a Reconsideration at this stage but don't want to upset the apply cart so to speak.
Thank you

PIP Success 4 years 8 months ago #189130

  • Gordon
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I'm afraid there is no way to get the DWP to look at the Decision again without requesting a Mandatory Reconsideration which will result in the whole claim being looked at.

Sending a letter disputing the points will most likely be treated as a request for an MR.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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PIP Success 4 years 8 months ago #189137

Thank you Gordon. We will definitely have to think about whether to request an MR.

PIP Success 4 years 8 months ago #189205

Are there any members who have actually had a positive decision when sending a Reconsideration into the DWP? I am wondering if its worth the risk asking for a Reconsideration to try and get 3 points restored after my son received his decision on his PIP re-assessment.
Has anyone lost points that they weren't challenging and ended up with even less?

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