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Support Group 4 years 8 months ago #189825

Thanks for all these fanatics information on your site.I have just been placed in the support group.Its taken 1 year to get their with constant updated App letters from all my hospital clinics
I was asked to attend an assessment and when inquired about recording it was told it had been cancelled.Happened twice before i recived a letter saying i know longer need to come.
Followed by a letter from the jobcentre saying i was placed in the support group.Thank you very much again for all your information
I just needed some information on-

*Do i need a letter also from the assessment centre as to the decision for my records or is the letter from the jobcentre informing me standard practice
*Is their a way to find out how long i am in the support group for as i put off 2 Operations to focus on this the last year as i had very distressing phone calls from the start about making myself available
*Do i still need to send in sick notes from the Gp while in support group

Support Group 4 years 8 months ago #189828

  • Gordon
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Congratulations on the award, well done.

The letter you have received is the Decision Letter, you won't receive anything else, however, you can request a copy of the assessment report. This will be an ESA85A as you did not have a face to face.

Contact the DWP office dealing with your ESA claim, they can also tell you when you are likely to be reassessed.

You don't need to send any further Fit Notes now that you are in the SG.


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Support Group 4 years 8 months ago #189834

Couldn't have done it without the info from the website.
Glad I don't need a fit note as was having problems getting a Gp app before due date.
Just need to start the prep work now before PIP claim letter arrives
Many Thanks
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