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DLA to PIP success. 4 years 8 months ago #189905

I would like to thank all members and moderators on this forum for solid advice and guides for making a PIP claim. My daughter has just been awarded enhanced PIP for both daily living and mobility. She had her assessment a few weeks ago at a centre 40 miles from home, though she'd requested for one at home.
She'd previously been on indefinite high mobility and middle rate care DLA. She was only awarded 3 years this time. I will therefore continue subscribing to this site so I can help her in her renewal claim when the time comes.
As I picked up a lot of tips and learned a lot by reading through the forum, let me share a little about my experience.
1. The form. This form is truly mind boggling and long. Take your time to fill it in, and put as much relevant information in it. Don't just tick boxes. Keep a copy and make sure you go over it before the assessment so as you don't contradict yourself when you speak.
2. The illness or disability. The name of the illness doesn't give you the award. It's how this illness affects the your daily living so join up illness with the activities such as preparation of food, budgeting etc.
3. Medication/ therapy. The effects of these can constitute an illness in themselves such as dizziness or nausea which in turn affects how you carry out activities. Make sure you have an up to date prescription note which would indicate current treatment.
4. An escort for the assessment. My daughter's assessor was a pleasant lady who had read through her form and evidence thoroughly. She came across like she knew / understood what had been written in the form and evidence sent. None the less, as soon as we got to the assessment room, I asked if I could also speak too as I'm her Carer. She was happy to let me. Try to keep on point when you do this.
5. Send as much relevant evidence as possible. It can only do good for your assessment.
6. Ask for a copy of your assessment report a few days after assessment. I picked up this tip while reading posts on the forum. This will tell you why you've been scored certain points. It can also help fill an ESA medical evidence form without contradictions. My daughter was awarded the same points the assessor gave.
7.All my daughter's requests for the assessment such as a home assessment, a high chair if they're assessed away from home and her DLA form as evidence were all ignored by DWP.
8. Closely follow the guide to filling the form. These guides are the best.
Good luck to everyone going through the PIP application process.

DLA to PIP success. 4 years 8 months ago #189941


Congratulations on the award, well done and thank you for your comments about the process.


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