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PIP Appeals Tribunal 4 years 8 months ago #190056

I won my appeal,: The court reinstated my Mobility entitlement which was removed under review when I reapplied for PIP 10 months ago & they added points to my Care component, raising me from Standard to Enhanced.

I'm cautiously optimistic but aware DWP can appeal this. They had a representative at court., first time I've seen that, this is the third appeal I've attended over the years.

I asked the Clerk to the Court to inform the bench that I was hurt & saddened to see that the DWP Assessor referred to me as "it" in their report; The process is tough & demeaning enough already, without such.

I am diagnosed with degenerative Osteoarthritis & Discopathy in my spine & calcified tendinitis in my shoulder joints; I am also diagnosed with autism & associative conditions including learning disability.

I was unable to get help from assisting agencies as many will not touch PIP reapplications citing they're "not qualified" to undertake them & I had very little assistance from my GP surgery in gathering evidence, unlike my previous one where my GP provided a letter confirming my medical conditions; It has been a hard & grueling slog, I just hope that the decision will be upheld now.

A huge "Thank You" to the Benefits and Work team on here for putting this site together & for helping with & publicizing the plight of thousands of disabled people currently fighting for justice in UK: You helped me keep sane throughout this process & I' very grateful to you. :cheer:

PIP Appeals Tribunal 4 years 8 months ago #190070


Congratulations on the award, especially with the DWP there, it must have been intimidating.

It usually takes the DWP 5-8 weeks to process a Tribunal Result, I would contact them at the end of the week just to make sure that they have received the Decision Notice.


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