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Review of PIP award 12 months in 3 years 10 months ago #190464

Hi all

Thank you once again to everyone who helped me this time last year. I was originally given 0 points then applied for MR and got enhanced daily living rate. This success was due to the invaluable advice given on this forum.
At the time of the Award I had CFS and severe emotional needs due to childhood abuse.
I was given a 2 year award and now I have to fill in forms to review at this stage which is one year in. I have filled in the forms as detailed as I did the first time I applied and submitted letters from my GP and Psychotherapist to support what I say. As I go through my weekly therapy I am telling the DWP how this is bringing up issues and making life harder for me.and my mental state..I have BPD anxiety and PTSD. I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so have listed how that has affected me since getting the initial award.

Can you offer me any valuable tips to getting through the review? Secondly will I need to be re assessed at the end of the Award period. Can I prepare in advance for it?? I have given them so much evidence this time which I cannot use again at the time of the end of the Award period.

Thank you again


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Review of PIP award 12 months in 3 years 10 months ago #190506


Any new award will replace the current one and will set a new end so you will not be reassessed again in about 10 months time.

You don't say which form you have received, a PIP2 or the Review form (AR1)?

Both are covered in the PIP Claim guide.

One thing you should give some thought to is how to deal with the issues that resulted in your original claim being reject, what information did you give to the Tribunal that allowed them to make an award?

Just because you have submitted evidence before does not mean that you cannot send it now as long as it is still relevant to your conditions as they are now.


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