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ESA TRIBUNAL SUCCESS 4 years 6 months ago #190571

I just wanted to pass on some good news. Today my son and myself attended his ESA appeal. He was awarded zero points at his assessment. There was the judge and a doctor. We were told that a DWP representative would also be on the panel before we went in, but the DWP person was not in the room when we got inside. Anyway the doctor asked most of the questions mainly about my son's mobility. We had given the tribunal a copy of my son's PIP report in our bundle and even though the judge said they could only take into account evidence which pre-dated his PIP award he still asked for copies of a couple of pages that had been missed off the photocopying. The doctor asked where we had parked and how long it took to walk to the court. She asked him about getting around his flat and going to the shop. Although we were appealing against other decifers neither the doctor nor the judge asked about any of the others. My son was very stressed throughout but got through it. We were then asked to wait outside while they made their decision. About 10 minutes later we were asked back in and there was a couple of sheets of paper on the desk. Neither of us could read it because we were terrified. The judge said he had upheld by son's appeal and had awarded him 15 points for mobility which he said "that will put you in the support group" at which point we both cried. The judge then said "that will give you a bit more money as well" through my tears I said "it's wasn't about the money but about the support he needs". We both thanked the judge and the doctor and went on our way. The whole process taking about an hour with waiting times.I can't thank all the people on the forum enough for the support and advice you have given me. Without this site I don't think we could have won my son's appeal. So everyone don't give up. Follow the guides. It's a painful process but we got there in the end and you can too. Thank you. Thank you.
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ESA TRIBUNAL SUCCESS 4 years 6 months ago #190580


Very pleased for both of you, well done.


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