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DLA to PIP Success and here is why 4 years 6 months ago #190644

i have left this a while to post.
I was on the Mobility component if DLA and had to do my PIP forms.
I filled them in with loads of evidence from GP and all my prescriptions following the guides.
I went into great detail about the help I needed and my mobility issues.

when I went for my face to face with Atos, although the lady appeared to be very nice when i got home I rang DWP straight away and asked that when they received her report if they could please send me a copy as she didn't want to take any additional evidence from me, saying that she had all she needed.
I received the report 2 weeks before a decision and she had lied. She said that I walked to the car park which I did not and she said that I was carrying a handbag and gave me 0 points for mobility. I wrote a long letter stating that my daughter went and got the car and if they watched their recording they would see this. I also sent them a pic of me in what I was wearing with my stick and my little tiny bag that went over my head and shoulder so my hands were free for my stick.
At the assessment she even places a bin right in front of my chair so my legs would have had to be under the chair which I had to ask her to move.
I copied in Atos complaints and got my award plus living allowance. After this I got an apology letter from ATOS which I still have where they apologize 3 times. They also said that HP would have further training.
I would recommend everyone to ask DWP to send you a copy of the HPs assessment which I would not have done had I not seen it on here.
Thank you to B and W

DLA to PIP Success and here is why 4 years 6 months ago #190649


Congratulations on getting the original Decision revised, well done and thank you for your advice to other members.


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DLA to PIP Success and here is why 4 years 6 months ago #190651

Thank you Gordon.
when I wrote my letter about the HPs report they had not made a decision yet but I asked them if they were going to look at all my evidence and GPs letter, who had known me for years,
I think everyone should ask for copy of HPs report straight away so they can see what they are up against before the decision is made.
Thanks again
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