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DLA to PIP award 4 years 5 months ago #191860

The dreaded brown envelope arrived today. However, I was pleasantly surprised and immensely relieved to see I have been awarded standard rate care and standard rate mobility - I had been getting the lower rate care and higher rate mobility on DLA. At the moment I’m inclined to leave things as they are BUT do wonder how they came to the decision that I could walk more than 50m but less than 200m based on the assessors remark that I walked 30m to the assessment room, it seems a strange sort of logic.

Reading through the award letter, there are repeated comments about me only being prescribed paracetamol for the pain, with no mention of the other pain relief I have tried and been unable to tolerate because of side effects.

The fact that I needed to use the chair arms to help me stand while at the assessment seems to have gone against me, with an assumption that I have no problems gripping items used for preparing meals etc. I could point out the difference between using the chair arms as a lever to push myself up, rather than gripping them, but to be honest, after the stress of the past weeks I don't think I could face prolonging the process any longer - and with no guarantee that a MR would go in my favour.

DLA to PIP award 4 years 5 months ago #191890


A somewhat muted congratulations on the award.

Have you requested a copy of the assessment report, this may give you more insight as to how you scored. If not then contact the DWP office dealing with your claim.

Be aware that you only have one month from the date of the Decision to request an MR, so keep an eye on your calendar.


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DLA to PIP award 4 years 5 months ago #191915

Thanks Gordon. Yes, I rang and requested a copy of the report as soon as I returned home from the assessment and it arrived about a week ago. I had also been making notes about what I could remember about the assessment and when I compared the two there were quite a few omissions and inaccuracies. The whole process is so stressful that I'm inclined to leave things as they are rather than ask for a Mandatory reconsideration and possibly end up with an award for a shorter period.

DLA to PIP award 4 years 4 months ago #192805

I had been on HR Mobility and LR Daily Living for 9 years, suffering from a progressive illness.Following a home face to face assessment I was allowed the lower rate day to day living component of PIP but my mobility allowance was stopped. I am virtually immobile and can cover maybe 10m with help. The assessor judged me as being mobile, stable and not falling or stumbling, over 4m, non-consecutive steps, in my own home on an even carpeted floor.A lot of relevance was placed on the assessors observations. This was a nonsense, the assessor had traveled over 150miles to assess me, she hardly looked up from her keyboard to observe me. This , according to one member of the Tribunal Panel, is not uncommon! She was tired when she arrived and was very eager to get home 'before the traffic built up'
Unfortunately, I was so stressed by at the prospect of attending the Tribunal, I felt I should be represented by a solicitor. I feel I shouldn't have had to go to those lengths to represent myself. My claim was/is real and fully justified. The Tribunal agreed and I won my appeal.. My health has suffered because of the unnecessary stress caused by the DWP. My condition was , is and will always be progressive and degenerative, why add to my problems? I am now taking anti depressants. Who has gained?
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