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DLA to PIP transition almost successful 4 years 5 months ago #192479

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the advice & support information here to guide me through the transition from DLA to PIP. I had previously been awarded DLA middle rate for care, but sadly gained a few new health issues since my original claim... then through the letterbox came the dreaded PIP application form.

I felt confident in completing it myself and attending the ATOS assessment. To my dismay the decision was Standard Rates for both Daily Living & Mobility. How gutted was I that I hadn't invested the £20 to become a member and have full access to all the available help.

I quickly rectified that situation, spent my £20 and started reading as much as I could. Of course I immediately noticed several areas where I had let myself down. I settled myself in for the bumpy road ahead, determined not to be pushed aside.

My Mandatory Reconsideration was declined, as I thought it might be (odds 1:5)
So I got all my appeal papers ready and sent them off, knowing that this time there were better odds of winning (1:2). Again the DWP declined my request, so I knew my claim was going to the tribunal/appeals court. Eventually, the letter came from HMCTS with my appeal date, this was 31wks after my initial award decision.

The dreaded appeal day arrived... I was invited into the room where the Judge, Doctor & Disability expert were sitting. I was ushered to the other side of the table. The Judge started the meeting off, but the Doctor was the person asking most of the questions. Occasionally the disability expert asked the odd question. This lasted for almost an hour. I was physically and mentally exhausted at the end. I was asked to wait outside, only for 7-10 minutes. I let my companion go back into the room for the verdict... I couldn't face it.

Final result was Enhanced Mobility (14pts was 10), my Daily Living stays on Standard (11pts was 8)
Shame I couldn't have gained that one extra point to get enhanced rate for both, but that's my own silly fault for not subscribing fully in the beginning. I know better now, and I couldn't have done this without all your help & guidance notes. Best £20 spent this year.


DLA to PIP transition almost successful 4 years 5 months ago #192516

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Many congratulations and well done for winning your appeal.


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