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Sons PIP finally granted with better results 4 years 5 months ago #192691

My 32 yr old son has Autism. When he was moved to PIP he/we were told he got '0' points at the face to face assessment, apparently because we arrived on time and he was smartly dressed. He even managed to get right the question ' if I spend 92p, how much change from a pound' . This apparently means he can budget and manage his own money!
We finally decided to go to tribal and sent all his diagnoses and a copy of the assignment provided on you web site ( he scored 20 points). We then got a long phone call explaining why he didn't qualify!!!
At the end of the call I confirmed that we would be going to tribal as I had already spoken to my solicitor who would love to represent.
3 weeks later, PIP granted for 3 years at maximum for living and basic for travel.

So this contact is to say a big thank you on behalf of my son and our family.

I followed all your instructions in your how to claim pack, determined never to give up we got a better result than expected. ( my son only got 'basic' payments on DLA )

Thank you so much for your help.
Even though our dispute has been sorted, at least for 3 years, I will renew my membership and hope we can help and inspire others to continue their claims.

Sons PIP finally granted with better results 4 years 5 months ago #192722

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That's terrify news, well done for getting the Decision revised.


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