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PIP Tribunal 4 years 4 months ago #193478

We WON!! Got decision made last Dec (2016) overturned at the Tribunal this month, I urge everyone to follow your guide or go to Citizens Advise for help, my husband had his review early, should have been this Sept. He lost his PIP, we had to return the car, he suffers disability & had mental health issues, the situation did not help, the interviewer at Capita made several mistakes in her report, it was as if she had never met with us. Many, many thanks for you help.

PIP Tribunal 4 years 4 months ago #193524


Many congratulations on the award, well done.

It usually takes the DWP 5-8 weeks to process a Tribunal result, I would give them a call to confirm that they have received the Decision Notice.


Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

PIP Tribunal 4 years 4 months ago #193783

After 10 months of agonising waiting, I was told that I was not eligible for pip...even failed the tribunal....after previously being on DLA indefinitely..this has come as a complete shock....the original interviewer told a pack of lies ..gave me no points at all...my hopes got raised a little when the first tribunal was delayed for my medical report....what a waste of time.espacially the disability person sitting on the panel...she made me feel like a criminal...they were not interested in up to date state of my health ..only interested how my health issues were before Nov 2016.....I have had back problems for over 40 years...and need constant help...but this did not matter to them...they completely made me out as a liar...never been so humiliated in my life.....perhaps if I had joined your group before my forms were handed in, the outcome might have been different....I have now applied for attendance allowance..and with your advice on filling in the form..hope I am lucky this time....regards B.W.
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PIP Tribunal 4 years 2 months ago #196857

I too am a bit of a wreck with a wonky leg two different back damage problems sites plus a gammy left shoulder that was rebuilt plus all the other illnesses & complaints you get from being long term crippled & inactive .
I carefully used B&W's advice to fill out all the transfer forms adding extra to every question got all th answers re typed & annotated to make each reply a readable sentence or three .

Result move to middle care lose motability
Mandatory reconsideration no change move to middle care , lose mobility component .
Home assessment nothing changed apparently

At the tribunal hearing after about 20 minutes of being questioned /interviewed I was awarded higher care & mobility indefinitely but likely to be reassessed in nine years or so . .

What is it that these assessor companies are doing to cause so many people to suddenly become cured like Lazarus & then get so bad again that at the tribunal hearings they end up being given back what they already had or in many cases see awards being increased to suit their disabilities .
Is it a case that theh assessing companies get paid no matter what the result is and the quicker they can run the tests the more they'll make ?
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