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Thank you, Benefits and Work 3 years 7 months ago #200492

I just wanted to thank everyone at Benefits and Work for your fantastic guides and advice on the forum, which enabled me to give really full and clear information, backed up by medical evidence, on the ESA and PIP application forms. As a result, my daughter was put into the ESA support group in January without needing a F2F assessment, which would have been hugely stressful. She was also awarded the standard rate for daily living for PIP 3 years without a F2F. She wasn't awarded anything for mobility (she has a mental health problem and is unable to go out without support). As her decision was made in January 2017, the 'window' between the upper tribunal decision on going out for people in psychological distress (reference CPIP/1347/2015) in November 2106 and the government changing the descriptors in March, we decided to appeal. Your advice was crucial in helping us lay out her case fully, clearly and succinctly. Even though we didn't go to the hearing, we won our case on the papers only. The court not only awarded her the enhanced rate for mobility for 5 years, they increased the award for the daily living component to 5 years. We had to wait in trepidation for 7 weeks to find out if the DWP would appeal but we have just received a letter from them confirming that they have accepted the court's decision.This will make such a difference to her over the next few years. We could not have managed to put together such a strong case without your help. I haven't posted to thank you before, as I wanted to wait until we knew the final outcome, but thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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Thank you, Benefits and Work 3 years 7 months ago #200507


That really is excellent news and well done to your for presenting her case so well for the appeal.



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