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PIP 4 years 3 days ago #202607

Thank you for your guide on how to apply for a mandatory reconsideration. With this and the help of my GP, Rheumatologist and Local MP and partner and family, I now receive the standard rate of mobility as well as my reinstated standard living component.
All I can say to all of you out there never give up. Yes it is stressful, but don't let lying interviewers get away with it.

The interviewer who came to my house, to specifically see my aids did not look at them and told down right lies . I had asked to see what she had written as it is my right due to data protection laws. to read it it was like she had decided not to write what I had told her. The woman also rudely called me she all the way through it. This proves the woman had objectified me. I was no longer sounding live a living breathing person. Just an it to her.
I will always remember her but she could gladly leave my house knowing what she had said would earn her a nice fat bonus by get another PIP claimant off the DWP's books.

Kind regard

PIP 4 years 3 days ago #202608


Congratulations on the award and well done for getting it revised in your favour.

To be clear, assessors are paid for producing an assessment report, they do not receive a bonus for recommending an adverse Decision,


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