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I won! PIP award, standard rate for daily living 3 years 10 months ago #204184

  • Salamander
Hurrah! My PIP appeal tribunal took place 2 days ago and I received the award notice in the post this afternoon. I've been awarded standard rate for daily living until May 2019. I know I was close to the borderline between qualifying and not being "disabled enough" (things have grown worse since, sadly, but I'm getting treatment so you never know, I might not qualify next time).

It was a gruelling hour-long tribunal, although the members were pleasant and tried to be nice while being very exacting. I am posting here because, even if you're close to the edge of qualifying, I want to encourage people to keep hanging in there and applying if you believe you qualify. I had NO new evidence to present. I will have quite a lot to present next time round because being turned down motivated me to get ALL my health issues looked at by my GP and there is plenty of recent evidence of treatment available now.

I'm posting here really because I wanted to thank Gordon for his considered post when I originally posted, at the end of my tether, towards the end of last year. It really helped. Of course, the advice from B&W was also invaluable, but it came to me a bit too late - my tribunal application was close. I'll be keeping my membership up, though - for sure. A person needs help with these forms. They are not easy to complete. I have had the benefit of a university education but I wasn't able to represent myself as clearly as I would do now, when I originally applied for PIP. I thought I would manage OK after being awarded DLA for life, but that was many years ago and this is not the same benefit. You have to be more disabled to qualify.

Thanks again, B&W and especially Gordon. Your calm response to my stressed post about my case really helped, especially as it came to representing myself in tribunal.

I won! PIP award, standard rate for daily living 3 years 10 months ago #204204


That's terrific news, well done.

It usually takes the DWP 5-8 weeks to process a Tribunal result, I would give them a call at the end of the week to make sure that they have received the Decision Notice.


Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

I won! PIP award, standard rate for daily living 3 years 10 months ago #204230

Just to echo your remark about being university educated..and in my case having a career working in government departments often dealing with legislation...still not equipping you to fill in these forms. I’ve been doing my son’s claims for esa and pip for 10 years or more now and each time the brown envelope arrives I reach for the BTW guidance. I wouldn’t have the strength to keep going without them.
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