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Finally got a result after nearly 1 year 3 years 9 months ago #206700

Firstly, I want to thank the site for the amazing information that was used to get my husband the PIP after he had to re-apply from DLA. I have used this site now for about 5 years and we have always been successful. However, this year was a nightmare. The application went in in January and we were not given an appointment for a face-to-face till August 17!. Then the assessor didn't turn up, no phone call, nothing on the date and time set! This started a battle with the DWP and IAS lasting many months. They would send an appointment then cancel the day before or on the day, change time, not turn up, ignore dates that were sent to them in advance, saying that we were then not accepting appointments and sending my husbands application back to the DWP whereby we then had to explain ourselves as to why the appointments were not going ahead. WE had to explain!!! Well, all calls were recorded on our phone, all letters of complaint were sent recorded delivery. So, we could prove that it was the IAS were the ones that were causing harm and distress to the claimant. But, it carried on... so in the end we had to get our MP on the case and he contacted Westminster. Amazing!! we got an appointment to suit us within a week and the award - high rate on both, within 2 weeks after the health assessors visit. We did record the visit and have a social worker there as a professional witness. I would advice everyone to have a witness, preferably a professional , it's up to you if you take the risk of recording. The assessor openly told us that they see everyone as NOT GENUINE, the social worker was horrified. She also told us that we didn't need to have sent in all the medical information to support his claim (as directed by your site and PIP instructions) and that you don't really score any points if you have a mental health problem!! Again, the social worker was not happy and told her. I have posted this to let people know to keep on at them no matter how hard they make it for you to claim what you are entitled too. My husband is genuine according to them now, and so are many others but they make it so difficult and intimidating that people give up. In the letters that we sent we quoted their own Services Standards that they breached, we quoted the Discrimination Act and many more besides. Each time me contacted them we raised the complaint to the next level and told them that we wouldn't stop until the award was given and if it wasn't what we thought my husband was entitled too we would go for a mandatory appeal. The social worker even said that she would read all the documentation to make sure it was a truthful report and that it had not been added too or altered after the visit if that was the case. She also pointed out to her how many times her and her colleagues witnessed health assessments and were appalled at the lies that were told on the claimants reports. So, don't give in! Follow what this site tells you and stick to your guns!!!
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Finally got a result after nearly 1 year 3 years 9 months ago #206701


Wow! Well done, congratulations on the award.


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