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Successful change over. 2 years 4 months ago #206849

I have been a member here for quite a few years and thankfully I have always received good help from this site. I had been on DLA high rate indefinitely & like everyone was absolutely dreading the changes. They finally came to me last December, had a face to face at home. It took about an hour, mostly going through more explanation about my answers in the form. I did that ridiculous manual test for moving my head sideways but still fail to see the point of it.
I don't know what the assessors qualifications were, didn't ask, but she was fairly straightforward & quite thorough in the details. I didn't get any sense of being for me or against me, infact she felt quite emotionless but I don't think she would have taken to time wasters or anyone lying or exaggerating too kindly either.
I have a severe autoimmune disease which affects my joints and skin. I had to show all my medical & Consultant notes/records, all my medication & she made a list of adaptions made by NHS OTs. These aren't extensive, stair rail, toilet seat kind of thing.
I have just received notice that I've been awarded standard care & enhanced mobility. So relieved about the mobility, that was my greatest concern, I had literally worried myself sick about it. I am ok with the standard care but was disappointed that I got no points for taking medication. My skin problems are vast and treatment is daily, very time consuming and difficult, but that's the new rules I guess. I just got through on 9 points & I think that is where having help from the hospital OT came in.
Overall, apart from the extreme worry and stress, I feel I was treated fairly. Any phone calls about my claim were always handled very politely, I had no cause for complaints about the process in that regard. Clearly it took quite a toll on my health especially when you start researching on it and read all the horror stories, I really don't know how some people cope, it was truamatic enough without any additional problems, so I really sympathize with those who are having difficulties. I know when I was reading up on it I always felt some relief when I read a positive experience & it gave me hope so that's why I'm writing this. The system can sometimes work, eventually ! so anyone in the midst of this keep perseverance & hope going !

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Successful change over. 2 years 4 months ago #206864


Many congratulations on the award, well done.

At best you could only have scored one point for your medication so it would not have made a difference to the award.


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