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Thank You B&W. ESA & PIP all done 3 years 8 months ago #207828

Just wanted to thank the team at B&W. Without the comprehensive guides I am sure that the outcome would not have been as positive as I would not have thought to include so much information with my application forms. I intend to remain a member and subscribe to B & W.

My ESA review kept me in the Support Group, process stated March 2017 and I was notified in Oct 2017. Three days after I received that notification I was ‘invited’ to apply for PIP (was on DLA). That process is now complete, F2F end of Jan 2018 & notification received today, Standard Care & Enhanced Mobility. Award lasts until 2025. The mobility was particularly important to me as I am nearer 65 than 64. I have to add that I thought both of the F2F’s and following reports were fair and accurate. (Did not want to tempt fate by posting about my ESA at the time).

I have included the time frame for both just for general information. I did not have to do MR or Appeal for either. I live in East Anglia.

My advice to anyone going through it is, subscribe to B&W, read the guides, print off the sections that apply to your individual problems and concentrate on the advice/guidance in those sections whilst answering the questions. With the PIP there was no problem getting an extension of 2 weeks to complete the form. Even though it is very stressful, don’t give in. B&W has all the information you need and if you can’t find it then the forum is excellent.

Many, many thanks

Kind regards and best wishes
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Thank You B&W. ESA & PIP all done 3 years 8 months ago #207870


Congratulations and a very well done on the awards.


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