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PIP Tribunal 3 years 8 months ago #208898

Sadly I heard about your site after my mandatory reconsideration was refused. I applied in June 2017. The journey has just been difficult it has been traumatising.

I became a member when I realised I couldn't step back from the humiliating way I was treated throughout the process. Not least of all Atos and their assessor who made several inaccuracies as ti what had happened in the assessment.

Just wanted to thank you for the guides for my appeal which was heard on the 13th March. It was gruelling. My solicitor delayed and delayed and delayed obtaining further evidence to the point that when she emailed a draft letter for my gp, she quoted illnesses that I didn't have. Stated that I had been discharged from psychiatric services. All of which were untrue. So 7 days before my hearing and at great anxiety to myself. I dispensed with her services and took the difficult decision to go it alone. My psychiatrists letter was received by email with only 1 hour to spare before the hearing. Stressed and anxious was an understatement.

Having been awarded 6 and 4 points respectively on my first ever application for any benefit, I was put through the griller as there was a dwp rep there who was nothing short of a b***h. She tried to catch me out at every stage but as I was telling the truth she lost that battle. The dr and judge were equally probing. After 1.5 hrs I came out with my husband and felt drained and dejected. Telling myself that it simply wasn't worth the pain or stress. I was told they would make there decision in the next few days.

The morning after I contacted the court and was told that they had set aside the secretary of states decision and I was awarded 11 points fir dl and 10 points for mobility.

So thank you for the invaluable information on here. It helped.

For all those out there going through the same degrading and humiliating treatment from these so called assessors and the inhumane Dwp, I say 'stick in there' keep going despite the worry and find the strength to challenge them and let us get the percentage increased from 69% to 94%. To equal the contractors questionable satisfaction study.

I wish all of you well and hope that you get the help and financial support that you need. Xxx
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PIP Tribunal 3 years 8 months ago #208913

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Very pleased to hear your Tribunal was successful, well done.


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