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DLA to PIP success 3 years 7 months ago #210467

I filled my forms in back in November, before I sent them away I came on here and got some advice, read the guides and got them sent away on December 1st, I received a message on December 6th saying the DWP had received them, great I thought, this will be all over by January, I was wrong, I heard nothing for 2 month, I was receiving DLA so it wasn't too much of a concern, I then received a letter saying I would have Face to Face home assessment in February despite not requesting one, which was a pleasant surprise and a good indication they were taking my claim seriously. However the day before the assessment they rang saying the assessor was ill an had to re-arrange it for the middle of March, I saw a nurse and she was lovely, the assessment took 55 minutes, she was very understanding, I found it a bit challenging getting everything across but she helped where she could, asking follow up questions to get better answers. I rang up for a copy of the assessment report a few days later which took 4 weeks to come! they are never in any hurry. She was later than expected it was meant to be 9am-11am but she came at 10.30am but 2 hours after my assessment finished the post came with a letter from the DWP, I thought, that was quick! it was a re-arranged appointment time for that day 10am-12pm. I think the appointment letter coming 3 hours after the assessment was meant to be sums the experience up nicely but luckily it didn't effect me.

The report came and it was very thorough, not 100% accurate but how accurately can you sum up a person from a 55 minute meeting? but it was balanced and fair, she gave me 15 for Living/Care and 12 for Mobility, from the descriptors I had filled my forms in expecting something around 17 for care and 8 for mobility but her observations, medical evidence etc in her opinion meant I was entitled to higher for both

3 days later (yesterday) the brown envelope came from the DWP who almost 100% word for word went with exactly what she had said on her assessment, which of course I was delighted with because she was thorough, helpful and came to help me get what I deserved, I noticed a lot of stuff I never mentioned in the FTF popped up on my assessment so she obviously went back to my forms and medical reports to fill in the detail, overall I am delighted despite it taking almost 6 month

Oh and it was a 10 year award with a date of no reassessments until after 2028, lastly thanks to Gordon and the B&W team, in a perfect world you shouldn't have to give tips and inside information and every disabled person should be judged fairly but as the system isn't fair and too many disabled people fall through the net, it is so important people like you help re-balance the system

DLA to PIP success 3 years 7 months ago #210510


Very pleased for your award, well done.


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