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PIP Success - Thank You 3 years 5 months ago #212011

Hi Gordon,

Just wanted to thank you & the B&W site, for all the help & advice I received... And of course the brilliant help guides, which helped me enormously when completing my 1st ever PIP form.

I requested a home assessment & included evidence of my Severe Agoraphobia etc...
I had my home assessment 7 weeks ago - it seemed to go fine, though I was incredibly stressed.
I chose to be on my own (my sister would have been there), but I thought I may not be as open in front of my sister and not mention certain things, out of embarrassment etc. In this situation, you have to tell the assessor everything, however embarrassing - I may have held back if accompanied. (I realise most people would prefer to have someone with them)

I rang the PIP helpline last Thursday, asking if a decision had been made - a decision was made the day before!
I was told over the phone I had been awarded Standard Daily Living and Standard Mobility... I honestly didn't expect to get Mobility. Was given info on when PIP payments would begin & that it would be backdated.

Today, I received a copy of the assessor's report. Reading through, I was pleasantly surprised to see a fair report.
I noticed the scoring for the Mobility question (Planning & following journeys).... I had been scored (b) Needs prompting to be able to undertake any journey etc. (this scores 4 points)

I rang the PIP helpline again today, to clarify that I had actually got Standard Mobility, as the report suggested only 4 points (not the 8 points needed)

I was told that I did get Mobility & the Decision Maker doesn't always go along with the assessor's report. I was awarded 10 points by the DM for Mobility. I was really surprised, as assumed they rarely deviate from the assessor's report.

It also shows that whatever the assessor's report states & their descriptor choices, a DM can make their own mind up about you and award you more points.
I also think my award time was increased - the assessor's report stated a 2 year award - I was informed my award was until 2021 (so was increased by a year)

Am still waiting for my award letter. My backdated payment has been paid though.

So sorry to go on - didn't mean for my post to be so long :)

Thanks again x
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PIP Success - Thank You 3 years 5 months ago #212024


Many congratulations on the award. well done and thank you for posting your experience.


tags: @RESULT @PIP
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