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DLA to PIP 6 months 1 week ago #219171

It will come as no surprise, my ftf assessment was cancelled at barely an hours notice today. After asking for me the caller wanted my date of birth, all without identifying themselves. This was from a ‘no ID caller’ I declined as I had no proof who they were and given a Customer Care number to call instead. I’m rebooked for Friday, wonder if it’ll actually happen. If it weren’t for this site I’d be more upset and confused. I followed your good advice and phoned DWP then followed up with a letter. I’m grateful for everyone’s help here.
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DLA to PIP 6 months 6 days ago #219376

Had my ftf this morning at 10.30am, wasn’t seen till after 11.00., finished 12.40. Like many others HP typed all the way through. She did explain that she wasn’t cutting me off when I spoke just wanted to get through this for my sake. Wasn’t too bad initially, but really pressed me on pinch test and trying to get up from my wheelchair. The incredulous tone of voice was a bit of a give away, as in I don’t believe you. Also pressed me on a fictitious situation should my husband be out, he rarely is, would I go to the toilet on my own ? After having explained my toilet ing problems, why would I be miraculously cured ? Just told her I fell backwards downstairs because I didn’t wait for help. I submitted 15+ extra pages on my PIP2, she had 5 lines on her notepad. Not hopeful.

DLA to PIP 6 months 6 days ago #219380

bin it

You should be able to request a copy of the assessment report next week by contacting the DWP office dealing with your claim.

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DLA to PIP 6 months 4 days ago #219405

My last post didn’t cover how awful I was made to feel at ftf by the HP. My only comparison would minimize how people are interogated during a war, but it was truly awful. She actually ran to photocopy the extra pages I had my husband give her, I’m certain it wasn’t for my benefit. More to do with her meal break. Seems there is a common thread at ftf, where the HP says I’ m not cutting you off, I’m aware of how uncomfortable you are and trying to get through it. It’s not a coincidence. Their expressions speak volumes. Any one else asked to fold a paper hankie in half ? She didn’t watch me do it, only the result. Could it be because I had my husband handle all paperwork while there ? The confirmation letter following their cancellation arrived the day after I attended. What form would she have rushed me to sign just before I left ? Thank goodness for this forum and everyone on it
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DLA to PIP 6 months 11 hours ago #219732

Didn’t have to ask for copy of assessment, I was so distressed on the phone to DWP, I was offered one. I see what others say, full of keying errors, inaccuracies, answers to questions never asked, just glad this ‘nurse’ doesn’t do amputations, she'd have the wrong leg off. I have 16 for care and 10 for mobility. Assuming the DM agrees. Normally I’d want a MR but due to your good advice, I don’t see the point. However, she agreed I won’t improve but said review in one year, this from degenerative conditions, Gordon, it’s clear from the forum, reviews are started 1 year in advance, where does this leave me ? Will I get a review started soon after I receive my award ? BTW, the hankie folding was a set up

DLA to PIP 6 months 11 hours ago #219738

bin it

You will have to wait for the Decision to see how long the DM gives you awards of less than two years are not reassessed by renewed with the DWP contacting the claimant 14 weeks before the current award ends.

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