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ESA without medical 3 years 2 months ago #217794

Hi Gordon

Thanks for all the advise you give everybody and thank god for your help pages.

After I got awarded PIP high rate on both back in December 17 the dreaded ESA came through the door dated 25th January 18, I had been lucky and had not been reassessed since 2012, and I was assessed by Atos back then, so we filled the forms out and sent them back to which they received on 9th February, after a few months I called to see if they had reviewed them, but I must have been in an area where it was taking months, each time DWP would say don’t worry your still getting paid, this does not help when your benefits are being looked at and if they took this away I would have no money to live on, but that is another argument and not on this post, also DWP saying I will have to attend a medical before they say what I will get. Well today I got a letter from DWP saying I have been put in the support group, no medical needed. I am so happy, after nearly 10 months of waiting and worrying I can relax for 3 years before it all starts again.

All I would say is make sure you put in enough evidence as you can, I am surprised that I didn’t attend a medical because I have complex disabilities that don’t have medical terms as such, but my consultant did his best to write a report.


ESA without medical 3 years 2 months ago #217801


It's been a good day for results, congratulations and well done.


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