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TOPIC: reviews for pip (if payment backdated if higher

reviews for pip (if payment backdated if higher 7 months 2 days ago #218003

to all pip claimants going through reviews ,,
hope this will help anyone whos going through a review for pip and is wondering wether if a higher award is recieved wether you get backdated,?? ive just come off the phone to dwp to ask if decsion had been made or if not how much longer roughly it might take ,,he said there are backlogs all around the uk , so i asked the question if a higher award is made do you get backdated from the date you were requested to fill in the form and send back,, he replied ,no ,,it goes from when decision was made , they do this because they assess a year before it ends and can take a considerable amount of time , i commented that it seems unfair that no backdated payment would be made ,, he then said ....for example; if your award was less than previous after a review ,,would you be happy to have to pay it back ,,as it is your payment stay the same until a decision has been made regardless how long its taking ,, think they seem to forget how this waiting game affects ill and vulnerable claimants ,
alison ,

reviews for pip (if payment backdated if higher 7 months 1 day ago #218089

Having seen the assessors report, I am annoyed with myself for not requesting a review myself rather than waiting for them to contact me. ITheytold me if I had requestedthe review it would be back dated. I sent the form back in April, had my assessment in July and am still waiting for a decision (9 weeks after assessment) If I had asked for the review myself, going by what the assessor scored me as I would have got 5 months back payment. Lesson learnt! (Mind you the decision maker might disagree with he assessor so I am just waiting for that brown envelope!)

reviews for pip (if payment backdated if higher 7 months 1 day ago #218151

This is interesting. I have just today been successful with my tribunal appeal and the judge has ruled that the decision of the DWP made in Sep 2017 was incorrect and it should have been for the enhanced rate for both categories. I'm hoping I will get back pay for the year they 'stole' off me! However, I will bear what you all say in mind for the next time. Oh, and another thing. The judge said the Upper Tribunal has ruled that doing the review a year early and then reducing it is wrong. My enhanced rate was re-instated by them because of this. Perhaps this might help some of you.

reviews for pip (if payment backdated if higher 5 months 2 weeks ago #220626

hi all,
just a update from my last post ,, i finaly had my decision in post and to my delight was awarded high on both was over the moon ,, also in the letter it said the decision maker decided that she awarded it from feb when they requested a review , to my suprise i further recieved a letter saying they owed me money and it would be paid into my account on the 29th oct, so after being told they dont backdate you seems to be untrue ,,ime not sure if it certain reason why they do or maybe dont ,but i thought ide share this with you incase anyone else is waiting on a decision you might just well get backdated like i have been , good luck i realy hope you all do ,.
alison ,
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reviews for pip (if payment backdated if higher 5 months 2 weeks ago #220666


Congratulations on the new award, well done.


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