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PIP appeal, from 2 points to Enhanced rates! 3 years 2 months ago #218202

I just recieved what I thought was another one fo the 'dreaded brown envelopes' and was fully expecting yet another letter along the lines of "You're not disabled, try again" but to my delight I found myself reading the words 'enhanced rate' TWICE in the same letter!

When I was originally 'invited' to apply for PIP it followed the pattern of making the call, waiting for the forms, hours pouring over them using this site for help and finding 'evidence' I fully expected to be ignored (which it was), more waiting, a quick 'medical' from a woman who looked like she hadn't slept in a month and wrote things that made my carer (who was in the same room as me at the time of the medical) ask the question "We're we even in the same room?!" and then the inevitable "You scored 2 points, lets hope you didn't plump for one of those mobility cars eh?" letters a few weeks later.

To be honest I expected to be treated poorly and it didn't come as a shock when after a life time getting extra help for my disablities I found myself house bound (No taxi fare = I'm not getting out today), having to use terry toweling 'nappies' to cut costs and if my carer hadn't also been my partner I'd most likely not have been fed, washed or dressed while I was unable to pay for it to be done. Months with no one to help me out of bed? No family to help out? No one to help with my toileting needs? No way out of my flat? No way to wash myself effectively?....I'd probably be another DWP death, most likely from a cronic infection in untreated bed sores and I don't say that lightly...

Now I've be given 12 points for Daily living, 24 for Mobility...reading the details they are still arguing the point on many things but with enhanced rate for both parts I'm not going to keep pushing. I'm 'in the clear' until 2021 by which time I'm hoping that this awful system is easier to navigate.

Thanks to everyone on this site and the wonderful resources provided, without your help and support this would have been far more stressful and the trips and traps laid down by the DWP almost impossible to avoid. Don't give up! From 2 points to 36 on one appeal!

PIP appeal, from 2 points to Enhanced rates! 3 years 2 months ago #218213


Very pleased for you, well done.


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PIP appeal, from 2 points to Enhanced rates! 3 years 2 months ago #218218

Well done for persevering and getting what you deserve. If only more disabled people could stand up for what tey deserve, the DWP might think twice a bit more.

The truth is the DWP make it as difficult as possible for vulnerable and disadvantaged people knowing full well that the majority haven't got the strength to argue their case.
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