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DLA to PIP Success Twice Over 3 years 1 month ago #219389

In 2016 I had to complete the first PIP form for my husband and the whole process nearly brought me to my knees. It was only thanks to the guide and Gordon's sound advice that we had a successful result - Enhanced Care and Enhanced Mobility - Ongoing.

I knew at some time I would have to go through the process myself. Happened this year when I was also having to do an ESA review for my husband the dreaded brown envelope arrived telling me I had to change from DLA to PIP. I downloaded the guide once more and read through it and tackled the form again. I cannot thank B&W enough because I got Enhanced Care and Enhanced Mobility - Ongoing - a huge relief.

What I learned:
1. Read though the guides here (or get someone else to) before you start.
2. Tackle one question at a time and re-read the advice on the guide.
3. Use additional sheets. (I used at least one for every question)
4. Include relevant medical evidence (even if it's old it shows patterns.).
5. Quote from your evidence. eg. "I cannot prepare food because of poor manual dexterity as stated in Dr. Brown's letter August 10th 2018. Although they are supposed to read every bit of evidence, if you keep pinpointing it - it will make their job easier. (My assessor praised me for doing this)
6. Don't just assume you should be awarded points - give them proper examples of the impact of your conditions.(I made the assumption that the person reading had no understanding of my conditions and so I had to explain clearly)
7. If you need a home visit - ask a health professional to confirm this in a letter if you can.
8. Don't be afraid to give the wording you want to health professionals if you need them to write letters. In my experience they are happy to do it because it saves them work.
9.Don't waste your precious energy ranting about the dreadful form and system - you cannot change it. Use every ounce of energy you can on completing the application to the best of your ability.
10. Keep all evidence related to medical matters ongoing. I even keep appointments - not because they care about it, but it reminds me of what has happened if I need it for the future.

Good luck to everyone going through this. Try to keep your spirits up through this horrendous process.

Thanks to Gordon and everyone behind the scenes at B&W. You are unsung heroes!
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