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TOPIC: I'm really upset

I'm really upset 6 months 5 days ago #219587

Hi there everyone. I finally decided to 'bite the bullet' and apply for PIP on mental health grounds. This decision came after months of 'should I shouldn't I?' and worrying myself sick. I have just read the story about 'Alice' and how despite multiple conditions she was refused PIP and also as a consequence lost her ESA as well. I am in the support group In ESA and now I am terrified that if I claim PIP and am refused that I'll also lose my ESA. Should I just forget about claiming PIP? I don't think I could stand going through all of that. Is there any advice you could
give me?

I'm really upset 6 months 4 days ago #219594


We don't know the circumstances of Alice's claims, so I would not draw any analogies between her situation and yours.

We haven't seen anybody lose their ESA just because of a failed PIP claim, the criteria are on the whole quite different and just as the award of one does not imply an award of the other, not receiving an award for PIP would not mean that you do not meet the criteria for ESA.

That said, the criteria for PIP are very demanding so I would go through our PIP Claim guide to make sure that your reasonably meet the criteria for an award.


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I'm really upset 6 months 4 days ago #219615

We all feel like you do, that's what they do!! But if you follow the guidelines given on this amazing site, you will have a much better chance of success. Many of us have been. Successful. That's why I continue to subscribe, to help newcomers like you to feel like you are not alone. Good luck!
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I'm really upset 5 months 3 weeks ago #220171

Hi there again. I am in the middle of trying to fill out my PIP application form. It is proving very challenging. I am seeing my GP in a few days as I haven't been able to get an appointment any sooner. My community psychiatric nurse says she cant write a letter for me and that I have to ask my GP. I'm not sure he will write me a letter although he did for ESA. Sorry for rambling on. My question is: Could I send in my ESA 85 as evidence toward my claim? It touches on a lot of my problems that are similar to the PIP questions. I know the criteria is not exactly the same but in the section where they ask about evidence, they say I can send in letters about any other benefits and that it does not have to be recent, my ESA85 is two years old. I'm worried that no matter how much detail I put in the form that I won't have enough outside evidence without a letter from the nurse and with just my GP's letter. Do you think it would help or hinder if I sent in the ESA85 as extra evidence? Many thanks for any advice you can give me

I'm really upset 5 months 3 weeks ago #220183


Yes, you can use the ESA85 but it is a little old to have a lot of weight for your PIP claim and you will need to explain why it is relevant to your problems with the PIP activities, even though there are areas of overlap, the criteria can still be quite different.

If it will help there is a GP Notes document in the PIP Area, either your GP can complete it or use it as a template to write their own letter.

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I'm really upset 5 months 3 weeks ago #220440

I'm sorry to bother you again Gordon. I know that you can't be found fit for work (ESA) without a ftf but I'm not sure in the case of PIP? If they decide that I don't qualify based on the form I filled in do they have to have a ftf with me before they make a final decision? Many thanks again
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