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TOPIC: I'm really upset

I'm really upset 5 months 1 week ago #220925

Hi there again. In the end the doctor said he couldn't write a letter for me as this is all done through reception and I have to ask for a form and fill it in with what I want my him to sign. Well I didn't have enough time to go through this as my form was due back in a couple of days. He printed off a list of my medication and that was it. I sent a few letters in from the past but I don't know if they will do any good. To be honest, I'm expecting them to refuse my claim even without a ftf. If, for some strange reason they decide to send me for a ftf do you have any idea roughly how long they would take to call/ write asking me to attend. Also, I am terrified that if they just decide against me with no face to face that they will also stop my ESA. I'm sorry for rambling on but any advice you can give me would be much appreiciated.

I'm really upset 5 months 1 week ago #220941


You can contact the Assessment Provider for your postcode, they can tell you what is going on with regard to a face to face.



IAS (formerly ATOS)

They can't just stop your ESA at the very least they need to reassess you but it would be extraordinarily rare for even this to happen.

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I'm really upset 5 months 1 week ago #220946

I have to say for me I didn’t have face to face for my ESA, I did have a lot of communication problems with the DWP due to the fact one person didn’t know what the other was doing , luckily for me my stepdaughter did all the hard work as I’m to ill do that stuff, in the end a complaint was made due to it taking eight long stressful months for me to get ESA, I do wonder if that’s why I didn’t have one.
I do feel every person is different..
I’m not going to say don’t worry, we all worry it’s our life’s , i have my face to face next Thursday they are coming to my home, I am worried to dead, if I don’t get it I will lose my home, it’s like saying to one of them “ You don’t know me but I’m going to decide if you are going to lose your home and your job in one go “ . They have no idea and unless like most of the people on here if you haven’t been thought it they have no idea..
I really hope it all goes well, all the advise you can get on here is the very best..
Good luck.
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I'm really upset 5 months 23 hours ago #221604

Hello again Gordon. I'm sorry to be bothering you once again but just on the deadline of the return of my PIP form I received another ESA form to complete. I don't know if my PIP application triggered this as I wasn't expecting another form until about March. Anyway, I haven't had time to breathe and am now in the middle of trying to fill it out' I went to my Gp's surgery and filled out a request for a letter and they have told me it will take at least six week. So, it won't be ready for the deadline of the ESA going back. If I get the report after Ive sent the form in should I send it to the place I sent the ESA or should I send it to the DWP or wait and take it with me if I have to have a face to face? Thanks once again.

I'm really upset 5 months 22 hours ago #221623


Do all of them, so send a copy to the same address as the ESA50 or if you have received an appointment for a face to face, this is unlikely, then send it to that address.

Send a copy to the DWP office dealing with your claim.

Lastly, take a copy to any assessment and ask the assessor to read it and include it in your file before they return it to the DWP.

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I'm really upset 2 months 1 week ago #225751

Hi again Gordon. Well, I'm a bit confused. I sent off my ESA form to arrive by the 14th of December 2018 and have been waiting for an appointment for a face to face. Today I got a letter starting with 'Your claim for employment and support allowance' Changes in social security benefits. From 8th of April 2019 some social security benefits may change. It goes on to say that I must immediately report any change of circumstances etc. Then it says 'what to do if you think this decision is wrong and goes on about the mc process and that I can appeal if I'm still not satisfied. It then details how my money was worked out and that the new rates will come into effect from 10th of April 2019. By the looks of it I am still in the support group but I haven't had a face to face. Could it be that they've made the decision without one or is this just one of those letters they send out every year? I don't know what to think. Please advise. Thank you
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