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TOPIC: esa from april 2013 to now

esa from april 2013 to now 5 months 2 weeks ago #220573

hi gordon, thank you for youe reply to my post, on the form it does say that my hubby may be re-assessed and he has only just got to keep his entitlement which is a worry. i no we did not have £6,000 in the bank and non of us are working, i do not get anything from anywhere so things have been very tight. so if i fill in this form i will get back and let everyone no what the outcome it. thank you again.

esa from april 2013 to now 5 months 2 weeks ago #220728

Hello Gordon, Thanks for previous reply re above. Sorry I seem to be on the same thread as another person but thought I'd better stay here. Could you please tell me would the Occupational pension wipe out all of the IR esa if the following applied...Occ pension is over the amount of possible IR esa which I believe is £73.10 plus £16.40 Guarrented min income and £ 37.65 because of being in the support group [ which is what my BF gets] Am I right that no IRESA would be awarded and therefore no Premiums? This is with regard to the ESA3 recieved as part of the dwp "mistake" when not assessing people for IR on transfer from incap to ESA CB. If so even being under the savings limit of £16.000 I don't think I want my claim looked atagain and will tell them I am over the limit. Please advise re my figures as I can't find the info online. Thanks.

esa from april 2013 to now 5 months 2 weeks ago #220730

Also is it correct that Occ pension inome is deducted £ for £ off ESAIR. Just trying to decide whether to let them look at my calim again or not. If I know I won't qualify for IR I'd rahter not rock the boat aslo someone owes me around £3.000 and don't know when I'll get it back so can't tell them all the answers anyway. I move to esa may 2013 and def would not qualify untill september 2016 and then sliding scale of savings. That is without the occ pension and i don't know when the first payment of that was either...back in the 1995 ish period can't find paperwork. Never expected to even be asked about this as had occ pension. Thanks again.

esa from april 2013 to now 5 months 2 weeks ago #220744

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The ESA(IR) amount will be less as the ESA(CB) will also be deducted, so in your example, it would just be the £16.40.

As previously stated the pension will be deducted £ for £ from any ESA(IR) that is payable.

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