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TOPIC: Esa reassessment

Esa reassessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220454

Finally got dm letter still in sg thanku
Rang up today and got recent deductions of my benefit rang to see how much esa I was getting on Friday well was told my payment was not automatic due to whatever reason due to amendment on esa 're reductions Simone not put payment through automatic so fella on phone had to a manual payment for Friday why is this and what is a manual payment so all it go to automatic again or do i have to ring each week to see if my payments are gonna be on time once again thanku for all your help sg
Kind regards

Esa reassessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220471


Without an understanding of what the deductions you mention in your post are, I can't say whether your payments will be put back to an automatic status. All I can suggest is that you contact the DWP for an explanation of what is going on.

Many congratulations on the SG award, well done.



Esa reassessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220484

Social fund loan just revived in bank 26 Oct
Yes thanku for your guides and forum
I followed your guides word to word
So manual payment was made today for payment Friday why has this happen could it be that dwp did not action payment after deductions of loan maybe just get a bit paranoid!!! Does this happen often or just a admin error on two
Kind regards

Esa reassessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220488


If you have told them that your savings now exceed either the £6000 or £16,000 limit then your payments are likely to be suspended until they are able to confirm exactly how mush money you have.


Esa reassessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220492

Sorry think we got cross wired
Got a social fund loan for 300 from DWP
Wish I had thousands ha !!!
Back to beginning
Rang d w p for deductions which 25 per week of my esa
So was told I would get 208 a fortnight but my payment was not allocated for this Friday so fella on phone did a manual payment
Paranoid now could dwp be checking my file my housing benefit not suspended been in housing today so why a manual payment

Esa reassessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220495


It may have been a part payment the normal payment system cannot cope with this.

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