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TOPIC: Thank you, Benefits and Work

Thank you, Benefits and Work 5 months 3 weeks ago #220465

Hello I was wondering if you could possibly help me decide whether there would be any point in me appealing on behalf Of my mum, she has mental health issues and suffers from depression and agrophbia. We have had a dreadful 9 months at pip review she was down graded to standard on daily and stayed the same on standard for mobility. We did the MR still no change, so went to appeal to try and get the enhanced daily back, after registering the appeal and 5 months later out the blue , DWP changed their minds and said they would give her the enhanced daily rate. As you undoubtedly know the stress all this causes, so we accepted the offer as Mums health has been affected greatly, and now the appeal has closed. But I know there is this issue regarding mobility and mental health claimants and it being granted. Mum was awarded 10 points for mobility so was only 2 points short. I have looked in detail at the guides on here However I am still unsure how to go about trying to get her the enhanced mobility as her condition is hard to prove as you we’ll know. I hope maybe I could discuss this with you ?

Thank you, Benefits and Work 5 months 3 weeks ago #220475


The review being done by the DWP of previous PIP awards is being done in parallel to any MR or Appeal that the claimant may have requested.

What did your mother score the 10 points for?


Thank you, Benefits and Work 5 months 1 week ago #221260

Hello Gordon,

Mum scored 10 points on the Mobility for unable to undertake any journey as it would cause her significant and mental distress.

These point were confirmed by the new paperwork I received last week after the DWP changed her score on the daily living from 10 to 19 points giving her the enhanced rate, which we accepted.

Mum has always scored 10 points on the Mobility part for several years now. ie always just missing out.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the wonderful help you provide.


Thank you, Benefits and Work 5 months 1 week ago #221287


If your mother has scored for being Unable to Undertake a Journey then she cannot score higher for the Going Out activity and the only route to an Enhanced award will be if she also scored for Moving Around.

Being unable to undertake a journey and being unable to follow a route are considered to be mutually exclusive of each other, if you meet the criteria for one then you cannot meet the criteria for the other.

The following user(s) said Thank You: Theresa18

Thank you, Benefits and Work 5 months 1 week ago #221342

Hi Gordon,

Ok I understand now. Thank you for your time
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