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TOPIC: Payment from DWP

Payment from DWP 5 months 2 weeks ago #220652

I've received a payment into my account coded DWP GB FP Fundi. I checked the details and it's my NI number but marked JSA. As far as I know it's a faster payment and the reason it's coded JSA is something to do with their computer systems. I do get ESA support group but I notified them that my State Pension Age is finally reached on 6 November although still no idea when it will start or how much despite answering everything straight away.
ESA would normally not be due until tomorrow but since this is less than the usual payment is it reasonable to assume this is just a final balancing payment of ESA before retirement benefits kick in?
No doubt they'll eventually confirm what is happening but I just wondered if it is a reasonable assumption (I don't claim JSA by the way).

Payment from DWP 5 months 2 weeks ago #220675

Hello Maglil55,

It is perfectly reasonable to presume that this payment is your final payment of ESA .The JSA payment system piggybacks the ESA payment system and seems to be used when there is a payment that falls outside of the normal payment run. As you have rightly stated ESA ends when the claimant reaches state pension age.

Payment from DWP 5 months 1 week ago #220994

Thank you. My assumption was indeed correct as I have now received the confirmation that they have paid me ESA up to 5 November. I received a P45 from them first then the letter but it just confirmed what I thought anyway.
I have also had confirmation of the amounts and payment dates of the State Scheme.
One final point , I have an Occupational Pension kicking in from 16 November (first payment 15 December). Should I be telling the DWP about it. I know it doesn't affect PIP/IIDB or State Pension and it would only have been relevant to ESA (I did tell the ESA people in writing that SP was kicking in from 6 November and the Occupational from 16 November but I didn't know the actual amounts - I do now).

Payment from DWP 5 months 1 week ago #221008


I can't see any requirement for you to contact the DWP about your pension, as you say, neither PIP nor IIDB are affected.

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