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TOPIC: Phone Call

Phone Call 6 months 1 week ago #221406

I am totally new to this site and only found it on Monday. I received a reassessment form in August a full 12 months before it was due. My son-in-law completed the form for me, stupidly I did not photo copy the form before sending it back in the post.

I was originally awarded DLA at the higher rate and used it to get a mobility car, then lost the higher rate of mobility when the rules changed and awarded PIP Mobility at the lower rate and awarded the middle rate of care. The lower rate of mobility still allows me to automatically received a Blue Badge from Sefton Council.

My illnesses are osteoarthritis having two total knee replacements, fingers, wrists thumbs and
ankles are affected, awaiting left hip replacement - I cannot take ibrufen because of my hernia. I was prescribed Tramadol but was becoming addicted and now take codeine. Faecal Incontinence for which I have a neuro-modulator implant - but still have to take loperamide to constipate myself before going out, urinary incontinence, 7cm hernia in my upper gut for which the specialist will not operate until I lose weight. I had skin cancer in my left forearm and after five operations I was finally given the all clear; but it left nerve damange to my thumb and forefinger leaving me unable to grip with my left hand, depression for which I had a physicatric assesment for suicidal thoughts in 2016 and now controlled by medication, but still have black cloud days. I had sixth months of person centred counselling and was offered CBT but too many memories of childhood abuse stopped me having that. I have Heamiplegic MIgraines that mimic stroke symptoms for which I take Propanalol.

I visited the hospital last Thursday about my stim implant and was given the news that after five years they don't work and was devastated. Friday 9th, morning I received a letter inviting me to attend a centre in Birkenhead at 9.00am fFrom an Independant Assesment Service called Atos acting on behalf of the DWP. I rang asking for a different time and was offered 9.30am in Prescot and said I needed a later time because I cannot prepare myself that early in the morning. I was given an 11.45 appointment instead which suited me.

When my husband and I arrived at the centre there was no facility for blue badge parking and double yellow lines everywhere. He dropped me off and went to park the car - I use two sticks.

The assesor was already at the centre when we arrived early and took us straight in to the consultation room. A good rapour was quickly built and I answered each question honestly and openly as a could. The assesor who said she was a nurse, seemed fascinated by my implant and asked to see how it worked and I quite happily let her feel where my internal battery is - you can feel it through my clothes. I have a monitor with an ariel attachment to alter programmes to stimulate my sacrel nerve. She said that would be all and helped me to zip up my coat giving me a thumbs up signal.

My husband went to get the car and brought it back to the centre for me to get in. The assesor was over the road having a smoke and talking to another woman. I never thought anything about it. This morning I received a phone call from an unavailable number and a lady asked if I was Margaret Wynne, she said she was from the DWP. She began asking me questions about my walking ability and carrying shopping. I began to flounder and asked "How do I know you are from the DWP", she said she was the assesor from Tuesday and just needed to finalise her report. I am now paranoid and feel as though I am being watched. Is she allowed to call me from an unavailable number, because obviously she is not from the DWP?

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Phone Call 6 months 1 week ago #221438


Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explains where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

It's unusual for the assessor to make a follow-up phone call but it does happen. The withheld number is standard.

Whilst I don't want to pre-empt any Decision that the DWP might make, the call is usually a good thing as it suggests the assessor is looking to recommend an award if they weren't then there would have been no need for the call.

There have been severe delays in the PIP Decision process with members reporting waits of 12 weeks, the time seems to be reducing but I'm afraid it could be some time before you hear.

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