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PIP Win!!! 3 years 1 week ago #221909

Hi All.

In June this year, my brother underwent reassessment to move him from DLA to PIP.

He is a full leg amputee (with very short fleshy stump) and was getting the 'middle care allowance' and 'higher mobility allowance' on DLA as he has great difficulty balancing and walking on his prosthetic due to such a short stump.

After his assessment, they took away completely any 'care allowance' and dropped him down to the lower rate 'mobility' allowance.

We asked for a Mandatory Review, and with this supplied a letter from his doctor in support of his case. The review was carried out very quickly, and within 2 weeks we received a letter to say they had not changed their decision.

We duly completed the form to appeal at tribunal. We did not at that point provide further 'evidence' and effectively rewrote on the form, what we had put down for the MR.

Within 6 weeks he received a letter from the DWP to say they had reviewed all the information on their copy of the appeal form, and decided to award him both PIP components at the Higher Rate after all! Therefore no need to go to the tribunal.

Whilst he is of course very happy with the final result, and we wanted to share this with you all, to show that there is always hope, it is nevertheless shocking that the DWP can put people through the wringer for absoutely nothing! We had not supplied any further evidence, that they did not have for the MR.

In my mind, it shows the DWP reject claims in the hope that people will not fight it, because they may not have the wherewithal/strenght or knowledge on how best to fight it.

Finally to say we could not have done it without the guidelines and advice from this site. Thankyou all. We wish you all well with your continued fight.

If anyone in a similar situation, as a full leg amputee would like any further detail on the background just ask.

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PIP Win!!! 3 years 1 week ago #221953


Well done for getting the Decision revised before you had to attend a hearing, congratulations.


Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

PIP Win!!! 2 years 6 months ago #232045

Hi All.
If anyone in a similar situation, as a full leg amputee would like any further detail on the background just ask.


Hi dougid, I'm interested on the background detail if you're still around.

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