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TOPIC: pip reveiw

pip reveiw 1 year 4 months ago #224069

asked for a copy of my written assesment and i scored 18 for care and 20 for mobility so just today got my desicion from them got same points and for 6 years really 5 but on my written assesment she had put down shouldnt require further assesment but i suppose they dont have to go by that ,am just so happy dont have to go throuh all this for some time ,thanks for all your help it helped that they phoned my health team i think that made a difference:) :)

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pip reveiw 1 year 4 months ago #224073

fuzzy bob

That's terrific news, well done.



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pip reveiw 1 year 4 months ago #224081

Hi Fuzzy Bob,

Pleased to read of your review success and fully appreciate the relief you feel in not having to face the process again for some time.

I note from your comments that you have gained sufficient points to be awarded Enhanced/Enhanced (well done btw) and that your assessor considered that you ‘shouldn’t require further assessment’’. You might find the contents of my recent post ( www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/forum1-2?view=...c&catid=10&id=123920 ) to be of some interest (should your situation fulfill the stated criteria)..


during the festive break I came across the following Written Statement to Parliament from Sarah Newton (Minister of State for Disabled People, Health & Work) quietly released on the 'last day of term' as they say!

This new information (released on 20th December 2018) ( www.parliament.uk/business/publications/.../2018-12-20/HCWS1224 ) will I trust offer at least a small glimmer of hope that common sense has finally prevailed for those of us in receipt of both enhanced rates with a recognised and diagnosed degenerative condition AND subject to a DWP review in the mid/near term that they DO indicate that they intend to implement a retrospective application?

Personal Independence Payment: House of Commons - Written Statement - HCWS1224

I would like to update the House on the improvements my Department is making in Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The guidance available to PIP Case Managers was updated in August 2018 to ensure those who are awarded the highest level of support whose needs are unlikely to improve or will deteriorate receive an ongoing award with a light touch review at the 10 year point. Following on from the introduction of that guidance in August, we have now commenced activity to review the claims of existing claimants on the top level of support to identify those individuals who, in light of the new guidance, should be receiving an ongoing award. This is still in the early stages and being dealt with in date order, prioritising claimants whose awards are coming up for an award review, but commencing this activity is a really important step to reducing the number of individuals having to undergo an unnecessary award review where their needs are only likely to deteriorate.

A copy of the guidance for Case Managers has been placed in the House of Commons Library and is available at: data.parliament.uk/DepositedPapers/Files...uidance_10.10.18.pdf

The light touch review process and guidance itself has not yet been developed, but we aim to do so well in advance of the first such reviews taking place. We intend to consult with stakeholders as part of that process.

I hope this heralds better news for some of us in the months to come!

I hope that you satisfy the criteria and in time (before your 5 year review point) find that you have been transferred to the 10 year light touch review as indicated.

Perhaps worth querying with the DWP in any case?

Pleased for your good news in any case!


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pip reveiw 1 year 4 months ago #224199

that would be really great if they did contact me before the need of another assesment,thank you for your help :)

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pip reveiw 1 year 4 months ago #224302

Hi fuzzy bob,

Like you I am hopeful that I will be contacted before my 3 year review period is up in August 2021.....as the initial process of transferring from DLA to PIP has triggered a major deterioration of my Muscular Dystrophy and I dread having to contemplate it all over again in the (quite) near future.

I would anticipate that by 2023 when you are up for review that you will have had the good news :woohoo:…. mind you, given the parliamentary events of the last 24 hours it looks as if the vacuum created by Brexit will roll on indefinitely :SSo we can only hope I guess!!:)

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