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Positive Outcome 2 years 10 months ago #224447

My wife's first claim for PIP has come back with the best outcome we could hope for - standard rate living and enhanced mobility, with a three year review.
I feel this is largely down to the advice and support of this website and form - so thanks.

Now the observations!
When my wife read the report of the assessment she was alternately distressed and angry - the report did not reflect accurately what was said at the assessment. None of the psychological stuff was included in the report, and there were a couple of 'curiosities' - not exactly inaccurate, but not what we would have said. I think this is down to the assessor having to use fixed phrases in the report they compile. We aren't arguing though!
In hindsight we may not have agonised quite so much over the form, and spent more time prepping for the face to face assessment. My wife's F2F was painless in that the assessor was friendly and listened to what we (yes both of us) had to say.
I suspect that a problem that some claimant have is that there is an assumption that 'because I have XYZitis it is obvious that I can't do this that or the other' whereas the system is designed as a one-size-fits-all system, so there needs to be absolute concentration on the restrictions to ability, with the original condition being put right to the back of mind.
Although the claim process was stressful, we didn't find it as awful as some people clearly do, and we are content with the outcome.
Thank You.

Positive Outcome 2 years 10 months ago #224469


Really pleased for your wife, well done to the two of you.


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