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PIP tribunal 2 years 10 months ago #224921

Just thought I would update you on my experience on moving from dla to pip, especially the tribunal stage.
After 6 years on MRC and LRM I was asked to apply for PIP.
The PIP f2f was a stressful experience with a physiotherapist for my condition which is mainly mental health (OCD, social anxiety) with some issues with degenerative disc disease. As a lot of people the report was full of lies and I received no points.
I applied for a MR using the guides on the site and still no points so I applied for an appeal.
I found this process extremely stressful but I knew I had to appeal just to put my point across about the lies and I went into it knowing that people with more severe disabilities were being turned down and I had little hope of winning but I wanted to have my say about the unfair treatment process.
It took 6 months for my appeal to be heard and it had to be cancelled due to one of the panel being an old work colleague.
Roll on another 6 months I finally had my appeal on Tuesday.
Due to my anxiety I had not been able to get help from a representative, I don’t use the phone, so I went with just my husband.
I had already sent in my reasons for each descriptor in writing (using the guides on this site) along with a letter from GP. Following advice from Gordon I didn’t rip the HP’s report apart, even though I was wanting to call her a liar, I put my points down saying how I thought she had misinterpreted me and how I actually met each descriptor.
The tribunal was a horrible experience not because of the panel, I found most of them friendly and fair, but because it was running 1 ½ hours late. I had spent the time waiting with in a very public waiting room, my tribunal was in an enterprise building not a court, with a PO from DWP who spent the time playing on his phone and loudly sighing because my seat was squeaking (that made me squeak it louder lol).
The questions were as I had expected but some surprises:
What events started my OCD?
Did I own a bank card?
Overall I did come out thinking I had managed better that I thought but didn’t think I fully got my point across, so many things I forgot to say.
I didn’t get my decision then I had to wait for the post. So after 4 sleepless nights the letter finally arrived today….
10 points for care and 8 for mobility for 3 years so standard on both….. I’m in shock
It’s all thanks to the guides on this site and advice from Gordon and other users THANK YOU ALL x
NB The presenting officer didn’t speak at all

PIP tribunal 2 years 10 months ago #224972


Congratulations on the Tribunal win, well done.

It usually takes the DWP 5-8 weeks to process a Tribunal result, I would give them a call to make sure that they have received the Decision Notice.


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